StreamText.Net Integration Support

Embeddable player
The StreamText.Net realtime text player was designed to integrate with web based applications. The player is easily embedded into almost any web page and is commonly used to provide caption support for web based video or audio. Using a common iFrame you can insert our player in almost any application. To view more detail please review this document on our support site that provides more detail.

Custom Player Configuration Support
Our player is also designed to use query string parameters to allow you to preset the streaming text display. You can create a custom configuration by hiding controls, setting the font and line spacing, background colors and much more. Please review this document for more details on controlling the StreamText.Net player.

Web services support
StreamText.Net offers a number of web services that allow you to embed event management features directly in your website. If you want to embed the scheduling and presentation of events to your customs though your own website or application we offer a set of web services. Some examples would be creating events outside of our event manager that allow you to integrate StreamText events into your current event management solution. You can also use our web services to provide event details to your customers directly on your web site. For more details please contact

Custom Integrations
StreamText.Net can also offer a high level of development services to help you integrate StreamText.Net into your applications. StreamText.Net can help by providing compliance support and incorporating our best of breed streaming text solution into your application. Our solution works will all service providers which gives you the flexibility in selecting from multiple vendors.